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Super Cozy Bundle

Super Cozy Bundle

Mikkeller San Diego

$85.00 USD


"Super Cozy" 

Imperial Stout Made w/ Young Coconut, Toasted Coconut, Caramel, & Sea Salt & Aged in Wheated Bourbon Barrels.

Rich caramelized coconut with supporting waffle and toasted bread notes. Inspired by the Filipino coconut candy, 'bukayo'. A collaboration with our friend Chef Phillip Esteban & Open Gym.




  • (2) 500mL Bottles of Super Cozy.
  • Limited Edition Branded Tote Bag.
  • Limited Edition Branded Beanie.


"Super Cozy" Story and Tasting Notes:

A hand-selected blend composed of two distinct Imperial Stout recipes, aged between 15 and 21 months in premium Weller Wheated Bourbon barrels.

Treated with a thoughtful addition of coconut brittle, produced with young shaved coconut and muscavado sugar, and carefully toasted sweetened coconut shred.

Seasoned with a touch of sea salt to ensure balance. Decadent and rich with complex layers of toasted breads, soft coconut flesh, brûléed leche flan edges, and warm bourbon spice.