Mikkeller San Diego Spontan Goes Spontan
Mikkeller San Diego Spontan Goes Spontan

Spontan Goes Spontan

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A Sour Ale brewed with Bergamot, aged in oak barrels.

Spontan Goes Spontan is made with bergamot, which is a fragrant citrus fruit commonly found throughout the Mediterranean. Bergamot is also a key ingredient in Earl Grey tea, so get ready to get posh with this lovely sour ale.

Expect a tart and fruity beer that's perfectly balanced and refreshing.

Introducing the Dancing Beer: Spontan Goes Spontan

The only dance beer project so far! Mikkeller x People Like Us x Bjarke Østergaard (Brewery Dancer) x Carling Talcott-Steenstra (dancer at the Danish Royal Ballet) x Sebastian Kloborg (choreographer) x Aaron Dessner (music) x Henrik Vibskov (costumes) proudly presents: SPONTAN GOES SPONTAN 

7.2%ABV | 375ml Bottle


Bjarke Østergaard is autistic and has ADHD - and is really good at dancing. He was given up by the system and declared “not suitable to work”. Now he’s the World’s first brewery dancer - and he works at People Like Us, doing marketing on a special dance beer series through dancing. Spontan Goes Spontan is a crazy collaboration between various artists and breweries to create a full experience surrounding this beer and share the story of brewery dancer Bjarke. Dance is a universal language. Just like beer.



Brewed by Mikkeller at De Proef.

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