Mikkeller San Diego

Sour Bottle Service Bundle

Sour Bottle Service Bundle

Mikkeller Brewing San Diego

$122.00 USD


Like all the best things in life, a great beer is most certainly worth the wait. Our brewers have spent countless hours whispering sweet nothings to our barrels ensuring these beers grow up to be the biggest, baddest versions of themselves. 
  • Granadilla Mikkeller Baghaven (375 ml)
  • Deep Puddle Dynamics (500ml)
  • Nothing Less (500ml)
  • Shuttle Cot (500ml)
  • Tiny Infinities (500ml)
  • Neon Black (500ml)
  • Kneaded to Know (500ml)
  • Art Concerned (500ml)
  • Treaty of Friendship (500mL)
  • Square the Circle (500mL)