Mikkeller San Diego

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Sally's Seltzer Mixed Case

Sally's Seltzer Mixed Case

Mikkeller San Diego

$45.99 USD


Can't decide on which Seltzer to enjoy?!?! Try our Mixed Seltzer case to get two 4-packs of each 12oz Sally's Seltzers! Each one will be SPARKLING and REFRESHING!!

Yuzu: A floral citrus, Yuzu is unique and true to Mikkeller fashion! Zesty & Delicious!

Sour Cherry: Cherry candies, with an orange zest twag. Dry on the palate, with a clean fruit character.

Blueberry & Apple: Tons of blueberry w/ supporting apple sweetness. Juicy & Delicious.

Only 99 Calories


  • 5%
  • 12 oz
  • US