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Mikkeller Baghaven Beer Pantao #2 Mikkeller Baghaven 375mL_Pantao

Pantao #2 Mikkeller Baghaven

Pantao #2 Mikkeller Baghaven

Mikkeller Baghaven

$21.00 USD


Chardonnay Barrel fermented Danish Wild Ale aged on white Saturn peaches

Blend #2

7.5% ABV


"Pántáo Blend 2 is a selection of 18-20 month old Danish Wild Ale aged in chardonnay barrels. We macerated those barrels of beer on copious amounts of fresh white Saturn Peaches. After maceration was complete we aged the beer in a stainless steel tank for a few weeks before packaging. Pántáo Blend 2 was conditioned in bottle and keg for a natural soft carbonation."

One of the Mikkeller Baghaven gift of gods, a true party for the senses.