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Obvious Crutch

Obvious Crutch

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Ale Aged in Oak w/ Robada Apricots


Each and every year we anxiously await the arrival of our incredible California-grown stone fruit. Peaches, apricots, plums, nectarines - you name it, we love ‘em. Though, one in particular holds a close place in our hearts, Apricots. So we work with our supplier to bring in new varieties to learn about with each new vintage, and in 2020 we sought ‘Robada’, a large & sweet freestone Apricot. 

To introduce further complexity to the blend of wild ale, we macerated on whole Apricots (stones and all) for about 6 weeks, prior to transferring to secondary oak barrels for aging and natural clarification. This retained a vibrant fruit quality, snappy acidity, and soft nutty and oaken layerse. Fresh, and clean, enjoy!

  • 5%%
  • 500mL oz
  • USA