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Mikkeller Brewing San Diego Beer My Favorite Things (750mL) 750mL_MyFaoriteThings

My Favorite Things (750mL)

My Favorite Things (750mL)

Mikkeller Brewing San Diego

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'My Favorite Things'

Ale Aged in Madeira Wine Barrels
w/ Balaton & Montmorency Cherries
6.9% ABV
A thoughtful blend of Golden Ale & Flanders Red before refermenting on Balaton & Montmorency cherries for many months in a pair of Madeira wine barrels - ‘My Favorite Things’ demonstrates complexity and calming.

A journey of high and low, nuance and confidence, we chose to deliver this newest bottled wild ale with very little carbonation so that you can experience it in true.
A deep cherry quality bounds amongst tart and sweet, spiced and vibrant, held within a rich barrel character that showcases notes of leather, earth, and herb.

Roundness is punctuated by a burst of acidity before returning with a long, warming finish.
Toss this in a glass, and think.