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Mikkeller / Boon LAMBIC /Vermouth

Mikkeller / Boon LAMBIC /Vermouth

Mikkeller / Boon LAMBIC /Vermouth

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Oude Geuze

Mikkeller Oude Geuze Boon Lambic is a modern take on lambic in the newest collaboration between Boon and Mikkeller.


Blending lambic aged in oak foeders previously used for white vermouth, this characteristic blend consists of mostly 2-year-old lambic blended with some 1 year old for bottle conditioning and a touch of 3-year-old. Great for an apertif or with white fish dishes. 

Collaboration between Mikkeller & Brouwerij Boon

  • 6.6%
  • 750 mL
  • DK