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Mikkeller Baghaven Beer Ears of Plenty Mikkeller Baghaven 750mL_EarsOfPlenty

Ears of Plenty Mikkeller Baghaven

Ears of Plenty Mikkeller Baghaven

Mikkeller Baghaven

$31.00 USD


Chardonnay Barrel Fermented Rustic Danish Wheat Saison

Blend 1

7.5% ABV

Farmhouse Ales are approachable, parfumey, lightly floral beers with a light body, a lower ABV, and notes of fruits and spices.
The beer is often very dry and super effervescent with a distinct bitterness and hence needs a dish that can stand up to it.

Since the beer is light enough for a hot summer day as well, the food doesn’t need to be heavy but spiced up to the max. Ramen noodles are the obvious choice here. The distinct yeast flavor matches the umami notes of the ramen and all notes of spices and fruits stand up to the Asian spices in the broth.