Mikkeller San Diego

Micro Release 005: Life Blod

Micro Release 005: Life Blod

Mikkeller Brewing San Diego

$8.00 USD


Micro Release 005: Life Blod

Beer Style: Double Mashed Imperial Stout

Description: Sometimes, pure unadultered insanity is necessary - An irresponsible amount of malt combined with an EIGHTEEN HOUR-LONG boil has produced 'Life Blod'. A massive double-mashed Imperial Stout that utilizes the recipes from our coveted Beer Geek Shake and TRÆBLOD beers, this thing is thicccccc. No adjuncts to get in the way of enjoying the insane complexities of this creation. Best served in beer form.

Inspiration:  For this massive Imperial Stout, we decided to combine the recipes from our coveted Beer Geek Vanilla Shake and MKSD favorite Traeblod to create something incredibly special. Boiled for an insane amount of hours to develop incredibly complex caramelization and rich character, this is truly a special treat.

  • 11.3%
  • 16 oz
  • US