Mikkeller San Diego

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HUMLE NØRD // Super Citra

HUMLE NØRD // Super Citra

HUMLE NØRD // Super Citra

Mikkeller Brewing San Diego

$20.00 USD


NE-style Double IPA w/ Citra, Citra Cryo, & Galaxy Hops 

8.3% ABV

Our ‘Humle Nørd’ series embraces our capricious interest in new approaches to hoppy beer design. Seeking constant improvement, we look at many aspects of our brewing process and manipulate subtle dynamics to achieve unique results. With our newest entry to the series, dubbed “Super Citra”, not only did we introduce new brewing techniques, but we integrated new ingredients (to us). This DIPA features our favorite Citra T-90 pellets, Citra CRYO pellets, and Galaxy hops - but has a large dose of Citra INCOGNITO, which is a liquid flavor & aroma extraction of hop cones that contains no vegetative material, only pure resinous tasty tasty happy times. 

  Once fermentation came to the end, the batch was dry-hopped and ‘capped’, which trapped alllllll of that wonderful hop aroma inside, as well as generated some fine carbonation. We rested the dry-hop over twice as long as our typical duration, which forced a more thorough breakdown of each and every hop pellet delivering a powerful aromatic experience. We could not be more excited. 

Silky smooth body, with a rich flavor profile of blood orange flesh, papaya, and resinous sticky icky. Dig into a glass and experience!!!!

  • 7.7%
  • 16 oz
  • US