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Mikkeller Brewing San Diego Beer Frugtsalat Bundle Frugtsalat Bundle

Frugtsalat Bundle

Frugtsalat Bundle

Mikkeller Brewing San Diego

$115.00 USD


Have you ever been curious about Mikkeller Denmarks Spontan Series? Now you can try ALL of the variants we have in house. This is an exceptional way to really dive in to this series as a whole!

15 Bottles to work your way through!

This Bundle Includes:
Spontan Apricot (375mL)
Spontan Blackberry  (375mL)
Spontan Blueberry  (375mL)
Spontan Carrot  (375mL)
Spontan Cassis  (375mL)
Spontan Figs  (375mL)
Spontan Framboos  (375mL)
Spontan Lemon  (375mL)
Spontan Lingonberry  (375mL)
Spontan Lychee  (375mL)
Spontan Seabuckthorn  (375mL)
Spontan Yuzu  (375mL)
Spontan Dry Hop Series:

Spontandryhop Centennial (330mL)
Spontandryhop Citra  (330mL)
Spontandryhop Mosaic  (330mL)
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