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Falling Sparks

Falling Sparks

Mikkeller Brewing San Diego

$20.00 USD


Falling Sparks

West Coast IPA

6.7% Abv

Not only brewers are cranking up the creativity these days. Skagit Valley Malting out of WA state has released Obsidian Malt. This is an ancient grain with ties originally in Egypt. The natural exterior color of the kernel is a deep purple. Even though the exterior is dark, the resulting brewing process does not extract this color vs. caramelized and roasted malts. The background flavors of this new malt lead to a unique sip. Slightly melony with some extra hay notes of a rustic grain. 

We took that and added some of our favorite hops, and a new one to create a bursting aroma. The Mosaic Cryo and Simcoe Cryo deliver a big burst of pine and tropical fruit. The Triumph hop has great aromas of freshly cut open oranges. This hop and malt combo lends itself to an explosive burst in your mouth. Get ready for the ensuing falling sparks after each sip.

  • 8%
  • 16 oz
  • US