Mikkeller San Diego

Culture of Tomorrow

Culture of Tomorrow

Mikkeller Brewing San Diego

$15.00 USD



Sour Dark Lager - 5% ABV

Back in January 2020, we hosted the super rad, mega chill, Resident Culture Brewing Head Brewer, Chris Tropeano for a good old fashioned kick back. Inspired by our collective love of lager beer - we aligned to make our first Schwarzbier, which was released as Shadows Of Tomorrow. We couldn’t stop there - after fermentation was complete, we transferred a portion of the batch into freshly emptied red wine barrels and pitched both of our house cultures. A long and delicate secondary fermentation was carried out, developing soft Brettanomyces funk and a mild lactic acidity reminiscent of fresh berries. In the Fall of 2020, we topped up with barrels with juice from local Cabernet Franc grapes that had just undergone a 14-day carbonic maceration. The barrels were then allowed to age an additional 9 months before packaging. What blesses the glass is a culmination of time, ideology, and inspiration: a multi-faceted quaff, exploring bygone notions of dark lager roast, fresh and sun-dried berries, and evolving mixed-culture expression. 

We are so incredibly proud of this beer, and hope that you enjoy it as much as we do. Drink beer and smile.