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Beer Geek Reserve - Mikkeller San Diego

Beer Geek Reserve

Beer Geek Reserve

Mikkeller Brewing San Diego

$50.00 USD


Imperial Stout Brewed w/ Madagascar & Indonesian Vanilla Beans & Aged in Maple Bourbon Barrels

To celebrate our annual release of Bourbon Barrel-Aged Vanilla Shake, we thought it appropriate to rest some of our Beer Geek Vanilla Shake into the stickiest Maple-Bourbon barrels we could find. After a year passed, we dropped way too many Bourbon Madagascar & Indonesian Vanilla Beans directly into the barrels, where they sat for 3 months. What emerged is arguably our most decadent Imperial Stout to date - saturated with fudge, chocolate whip, french vanilla ice cream, and sweet maple.                                                                                                                                                    


Shippable States: CA, NV, ND, VT, NE, NH, DC, VA

  • 11.7%
  • 500 mL
  • US