Mikkeller San Diego

BALDR #2 ALLOTMENT / 1 in cart = 3 Bottles + Glass

BALDR #2 ALLOTMENT / 1 in cart = 3 Bottles + Glass

Mikkeller San Diego

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Baldr #2

Imperial Stout Aged in Superstition Cherry Cyser Cherry Brandy & Cherry Cyser Apple Brandy Barrels 

11.6% ABV




1 in Cart = 3 Baldr Bottles + GLASSWARE

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Velkommen! Our second release of the new club year is here! 

For this release we wanted to have a little fun and play with some intriguing flavor profiles, driven by these really neat barrels. So, a couple years ago, we teamed up with Superstition Meadery to collaborate on a cyser (mead/cider hybrid) made with Stevnsbaer cherry juice from Denmark. The team there then aged this crazy tasty cyser in some Apple Brandy & Cherry Brandy barrels for a year - this became a series called ‘San Simeon’

As reciprocity would have it, Superstition then sent us back those barrels, in which we then aged our Beer Geek Shake for 10 months. We pulled really fun flavors of raisin, red apple, spiced pie, and graham. We thought, ‘how cool would it be to add toasted coconut, cinnamon sticks, and maple?’ - so we did, and what came about was with an incredible oatmeal raisin cookie vibe that transforms in the glass over time. Enjoy at cellar temp and let it warm up for added fun!