Mikkeller San Diego

Baghaven Bundle #3

Baghaven Bundle #3

Mikkeller San Diego

$90.00 USD


The third round of our new Baghaven imports!  Three of the best and newest blends imported from our partners in Europe.


Form & Insight

Danish Wild Ale with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot Grapes - 6.0% ABVDanish Wild Ale with grapes from the left bank of Bordeaux in France. It consists of 70% Cabernet Sauvignon and 30% Merlot.⁠

Gift From Demeter

Chardonnay Barrel Fermented Rustic Danish Shipyard Ale - 5.2% ABV

A true Baghaven classic. Rustic danish shipyard ale brewed with spelt, imparting some nutty and earthy tones to the flavour. A light, fluffy and bone dry beer, perfect for quenching your thirst. Fermented and aged in Chardonnay barrels.

Rustic Danish Shipyard Spelt Ale. An old school Baghaven beer makes its triumphant return! Blend 2 sees a more pronounced hop profile and restrained acidity than its predecessor. This classic Rustic Danish Shipyard Ale is enhanced with the use of raw and malted spelt, and a nice charge of Slovenian Celeia hops in the whirlpool. Sure to satisfy all summer long!⁠

 Vintage: Blend 2

Aged for 8 months


Danish Wild Ale  - 6.0% ABV

Brewed in collaboration with the Qvidja Estate.