Mikkeller San Diego

2022 BA Traeblod: Mole

2022 BA Traeblod: Mole

Mikkeller Brewing San Diego

$35.00 USD


Imperial Stout Made w/ Maple, Cinnamon, Cocoa Nibs, Almonds*, Sesame Seeds, and Chile Peppers. Aged in Bourbon Barrels- 15% ABV

Each year, our team works diligently to keep great care of our barrel-aging products, from filling to packaging. This year is no exception. 2022 BA Traeblod Mole began as a full bodied, semi-sweet/roasty imperial stout before being aged for 18 months in hand selected bourbon barrels. After aging, a blend of the top barrels was hit with a healthy dose of maple, coffee, chiles, cinnamon, cacoa nibs, almonds, and sesame seeds in order to deliver our version of the classic Mexican dish. The chillies provide a rich, smoky sweetness with just the right amount of heat to know that they’re there, while the other ingredients provide a complex profile on both the nose and palate alike. Medium bodied, lightly carbed, and 15%! Absolutely delicious, enjoy!

  • 14%
  • 500 mL
  • US