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Mikkeller Worldwide Beer 2020 - Mikkeller SpontanCherry (Frederiksdal) 375mL _ 2020SpontanFred

2020 - Mikkeller SpontanCherry (Frederiksdal)

2020 - Mikkeller SpontanCherry (Frederiksdal)

Mikkeller Worldwide

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Sour Ale brewed with Frederiksdal Cherries and aged in oak barrels. The lambic-style beer with notes of cherries, almonds and sour fruit! The new 2020 edition!

With cherries from the award-winning Frederiksdal plantation (situated on the island of Lolland in the very south of Denmark) we proudly present the perfect combination of berries and sour ale; SpontanCherry, aged on oak barrels. With countless notes of flavor and mouthfeel sensations ranging high and low on multiple scales, this is as delicate as it comes.

Corked, Caged, and Foiled beautifully.

Brewed at D'proef brewery in Belgium 

  • 7%
  • 12.7 oz
  • DK