Mikkeller San Diego Beer RUUD PEESCH BLEND #2 750mL_RuudPeesch


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Blended Danish Wild Ale with Red Vineyard Peaches 

Blend 2020 // 6% // 750mL 

Aged for 12-24 months!

Ruud Peesch is a blend of 1- and 2-year-old Danish Wild Ales with fresh red vineyard peaches. Hailing from the Mosel Region of Germany, the term “Ruud Peesch” is a local slang term used to refer to these strange and unique red peaches. Almost tropical in flavor, this varietal of peach is commonly used in jams and brandy production, but we found that the acidity of the fruit and the tannins from the skin make an excellent partner for beer.⠀

Ruud Peesch Blend 2 was packaged in green 75 cL bottles in November 2019.

Brewed at Baghaven Barrel-room by Mikkeller Baghaven

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