GoT HoD Can Release

Today House Mikkeller ships their beer to all the corners of Westeros and beyond and have over 40 taverns where the curious and informed alike can gather in good cheer.

Mikkel Bjergsø, Founder of House Mikkeller, continues to this day with his relentless experimentation, his tireless pursuit to elevate ingredients humble and exotic to their finest purpose. Challenging the accepted hegemony and establishing high quality craft beer as the standard in all corners of the world is House Mikkeller’s calling. House Mikkeller’s actions embody its words, "Beer is Life, Live it"

The Essence of House Mikkeller is first and foremost beer. Showcasing all possible styles and ingredients, it is a world of hops, malt, barrel aging, spontaneous fermentation, coffee, grapes from the Arbor region, passion fruit, cherries, chili, Dornish plums, chocolate andmore.

House Mikkeller honors great beer with triumphant feasts and festivals, a Celebration of friends and beers that attracts passionate Westorosi from across the Seven Kingdoms.

Under the House Mikkeller Banner a legion of runners, located in 250 different chapters in 37 countries, run for good health and good fun. Last, but not least, House Mikkeller engages in myriad enjoyable projects and collaborations with talented and innovative people of culture and gastronomy from all corners of Westeros.

Our two latest beers as part of this partnership are, Syrax and Caraxes, in celebration of the newest series, "House of the Dragon" coming to HBO and
HBO Max on August 21, 2022. These first editions, which are based on Styrian Dragon hops and dragon fruit, respectively, celebrate the story of the Targaryens and their dragons who ruled Westeros - 200 years before Daenerys Targaryen made it her mission to take back the Iron Throne. The Targaryens ruled with fire and blood. ‘Fire’ is a reference to the legendary dragons they rode, so
it made sense for us to find inspiration for the ingredients in these majestic and terrifying beasts that conquered the Seven Kingdoms." says Mikkel Bjergsø, founder and creative director of Mikkeller.
Based on this, Mikkeller’s team decided to make two distinct beers; one that utilizes Styrian Dragon hops and one that’s infused with Dragon fruit.
Syrax (Session IPA, 3.5% vol.) For this light, bright, and high-flying session IPA, Mikkeller has used Styrian Dragon hops. This imparts some earthy, spicy notes and particularly a grapefruit-like citrus balance atop a light foundation from the low ABV. Ideal to drink while soaking up the sun!
Caraxes (Non Alc dragon fruit Ale, 0.3% vol.) For this wonderful alcohol-free beer, Mikkeller took its fresh, cider-like base beer Limbo, and added fresh dragon fruit. The delicate foundation is topped off with notes of pear and kiwi from the dragon fruit, leading to an exotic, thirst-quenching beer.